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How much does it cost to become a Real Estate Agent?

General Information

Costs Associated with the Business

Once you sign up for a course you will be able to start almost immediately.  You can complete all of our online courses at your own pace.
We offer all the courses needed to complete your real estate needs.  Enrollment is through our website. 
You can call or email for further information. 
 Classes and Test Fees
Pre License Class    $325 
          State Exam    $75 
Post License Course    $190

Alabama License Fees
Temporary License Active/Inactive    $235/$205
Salesperson License    $170/$85
 Recovery Fund for Active Licensees    $30
Criminal Background Check    $25
Research and Education Fee    $30
Association and MLS Dues, Costs Vary Depending on Location
Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS Application Fee    $500
Annual Dues, Payable in January. Includes State and National Association of REALTORS Dues    $473
NALMLS Application Fee    $250
Quarterly Dues   $150
Lockbox Key App for Smart phones    $21